Market Your Image

How We Started

Market Your Image (MYI), started in 2022. The idea came as a result of Founder, Derek Brown, observing the branding and marketing world to be too complex with too many options for entrepreneurs and smal business owners to decide how to market their business.

Derek noticed something over and over while working with startup companies, small business owners and entrepreneurs. They all had one thing in common. They were all juggling many tasks, including branding their companies and marketing. They were stressed over their marketing plan instead of having fun with it.

MYI was created to take the branding and marketing piece off their plates by providing a solution that is simple as well as all done by one company, now allowing them to spend their time on other important matters.

One of the things we do at MYI is help businesses tell their stories through branding and using simple but effective marketing strategies. MYI help our clients come up simple marketing solutions to fit their budgets and growth goals.

Sit back, relax and watch your company brand grow!

The MYI team is made of highly professional individuals that know how to make marketing work effectively and have fun doing it. We are passionate about everything we do. Together we have help hundreds of businesses market their image all around the world.

Our team operates as marketing family. We trust each other and strive for excellence in all that we do while still keeping a happy and fun environment. One of our key strengths is communication and understanding. Our goal is to help our clients enjoy marketing their image and have a pleasant experience while working with us.

Trust- is the foundation of our team. We trust each other and earn the trust of our customers thought our actions. Without trust we know we will fail. Trust is a must.

Passion- We authentically love what we do. It is not work to us, but simply play. Our passion for what we do shows in our work.

Humility- We love to learn and understand that there is always something to learn from everyone we come in contact with. We strive to be humble in our work and to always do our best. The more humility we can display the greater we can become.

What Business are We Running

To help our clients grow their business, we bring 5 simple solutions to keep their names on the marketplace.


Design Services (Logo, Web, graphics, Adds)

Our design services include logo, web, graphics, and ads designing. We help companies with these high-class branding services to create their brand identity from scratch or simply revise their branding by finding better ways to maintain digital presence and communicate their main business purpose and core values.

Digital Marketing and Sales

We help businesses grow through Digital Marketing and increase revenue by leveraging sales. We support fully automated reporting to grow your business online. Guaranteed no long contracts and performance-based marketing and sales outturns. Contact us today for a simplified strategy to set your digital campaigns.

Social Media Management

Get your smooth-running, time-saving and effortless advanced content calendar with us. Guaranteed effectively tracks your KPIs and responds quickly to your community. With bulk contents and scheduling, we can help you by creating relevant & amp; effective contents and organizing your social media platforms in one place.

Promotional products

For trade shows, community events, and networking

Utilize the marketing and communication programs around your digital campaigns. We offer great assistance to clients who are in need of advertising specialties to promote digital marketing and online presence.

Business Consulting

When it comes to business decision making, our strategic consulting services with expertise in

presenting, assessing, and figuring your business strengths and weakness. You don’t need to

worry about your client proposals and help you figure your marketing needs.